We create analog functions, such as PLLs, DLLs, & LDOs, using digital tools (e.g. synthesis and APR) with standard cell libraries. Our breakthrough technologies are a result of ten years of research, five years of production designs with customers, and 11 patents.

Movellus IP has all the advantages of digital designs, such as delivery time, ease of customization, process portability,  DFT, ultra low power (nano-watt), with equivalent or superior performance as their analog counterparts.  Movellus IP has been silicon-proven for process nodes ranging from 130nm to 7nm.

The digital nature of Movellus IPs allows them to be seamlessly integrated with standard SOC development methodologies. They can be treated like any other digital module in the SOC while providing mission-critical analog capabilities. Additionally, Movellus supports  full ATPG and boundary SCAN.

“Mythic delivers AI that performs hybrid digital/analog calculations inside flash arrays, resulting in orders of magnitude increase in efficiency.

“[Movellus’ PLL]  allowed us to focus on designing our SoC without worrying about any schedule slips due to late manual analog customization needed to meet our goals; for example, when we needed to push a metal stack change, Movellus was able to provide a correct IP in a matter of hours.”

– Dr. David Fick, CTO, Mythic