Analog Gone Digital

8X Smaller  |   DFT  |  Hours vs. Months  |  Lower Power

We believe analog design should be as easy and as automated as digital design. This is why we expanded the capabilities of existing digital tools to create analog functions automatically and correct-by-construction.

100% digital implementation of traditional analog IP

At Movellus, we have taken digital tools to where they’ve never been before. Accurate feedback loops and dynamic operating ranges are staples of analog design. Historically, digital tools have not been able to handle loops, and default design of circuits to worst case scenario instead of having a wide operating range. Movellus has extended the capabilities of existing digital synthesis, place and route and static timing analysis tools now design, implement and verify analog functionalities.

Completely Process Portable IP

Movellus’ proprietary 100% digital architectures for traditionally analog blocks now make these blocks completely process portable.

Hours vs. Months Design Cycles

Movellus’ generators allow our customers to implement and verify analog blocks such as phase-locked loops, and delay-locked loops in a matter of hours. These blocks typically take as much as 12 man months to design and verify in industry.

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