Aeonic Insight

Advanced On-Die Telemetry

On-Die Sensing for Complex SoCs

Aeonic Insight™ provides on-die telemetry for actionable insights. Insight sensor IP modules are purpose-built for SoCs in applications ranging from datacenter CPUs and AI accelerators, to 5G, aerospace, and automotive SoCs that require higher degrees of observability, programmability, and reliability. They are also process-portable and maintain leading area and power efficiency across advanced nodes.

Aeonic Insight sensors include advanced telemetry capabilities, giving design teams newfound insight into their power grid, clock health, and SoC security amongst other elements. These sensors feature industry-standard interfaces to enable collaboration with third-party silicon analytic platforms.

Programmable, Process-Portable Sensors for Silicon Lifecycle Analytics

Sensors that don't limit your design team into a singular configuration or process technology


Aeonic Insight sensors are programmable to help design teams tailor sensor operations to suit specific architecture, workloads, and environmental conditions.

Process Portable

Aeonic Insight sensors are process portable and efficiently scale across advanced process technologies. The digital architecture also ensures that features reliably port from node-to-node and support long-term R&D leverage.

Silicon Lifecycle Analytics

Aeonic Insight sensors generate advanced on-die telemetry for silicon lifecycle analytic platforms. These metrics provide design teams a new vantage point for power grid optimization, clock management, and hardware security incursions. Insight sensors are equipped with industry-standard interfaces for simplified integration into 3rd party platforms.

Aeonic Insight™ Observability

Observability goes beyond Aeonic Insight™ and spans the entire Aeonic™ Digital IP platform, providing design teams with comprehensive telemetry on various aspects of their design. This advanced insight empowers design teams to make data driven architectural and implementation decisions for silicon lifecycle management.

  • Multi-Threshold detection
  • Industry Fastest Detection Time
  • Run-Time Programmable
  • Advanced Droop Telemetry
  • Clock Health Telemetry
  • Post-Silicon Debug Observability
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Rad-Ready Architecture

With our partner foundries and radiation-hardened library vendors, aerospace customers can create customized radiation tolerance levels. OEMs can deploy sensor modules to various radiation-challenged environments, such as low-earth or geosynchronous orbit.

Product Line Highlights
Synthesizable Digital IP Fully synthesizable for feature-rich system-level solutions
Programmable Advanced Features Tunable features driven by silicon analytics

Silicon Lifecycle Analytics Support

Functional IP that generates actionable insight

Fine-Grained Accuracy Extremely accurate and rapid detection sequence
Process Portable IP and features that reliably ports from node to node