SAN JOSE, Calif., April 1, 2019 – Movellus, Inc. today announced $6 million in Series A venture funding, bringing its total funding to date to $10M. The company is fundamentally transforming SoC design by automating the generation of traditional analog IP using digital tools and standard cells. Movellus’ initial products include PLLs, DLLs & LDOs that are optimized per design for markets ranging from edge AI to cloud computing.

The $6 million in funding was led by Stata Venture Partners, run by Ray Stata, founder and Chairman of Analog Devices. Also participating in the round are Intel Capital, which had invested in two prior funding rounds, and University of Michigan’s MINTS (Michigan Invests in New Technology Startups).

Movellus is on a mission to dramatically reduce SoC time to market and improve the power, performance and area. To achieve this, Movellus utilizes proprietary technology that leverages digital infrastructure to automatically implement new “analog” blocks. This technology has proven scalable with customers, both for the high-performance cloud computing market, where designs run at multi-GHz and the ultra-low power edge AI market. For the latter, Movellus possesses the unique ability to create nano-watt PLLs that are optimized for battery-less applications.

Funding to Expand Infrastructure to Meet Demand for Accelerated Analog Design

The new $6M in funding will be used to further expand Movellus’ infrastructure to meet the company’s rapidly growing customer demand, expand its product portfolio, and increase its market penetration.

“Movellus’ innovative approach of leveraging digital design infrastructure and their proprietary architectures to implement analog blocks is poised to have a major impact on the semiconductor industry,” stated Ray Stata, Founder, Stata Venture Partners. “I am excited to partner with the Movellus team because their technology represents the natural evolution of chip design as it applies to analog circuits.”

“Ray Stata has been a true legend in the semiconductor industry for decades and this endorsement represents a significant validation of our technology.” said Mo Faisal, President and CEO of Movellus. “It is an honor to work with Stata Venture Partners to accelerate our growth and transform how traditional analog design is implemented in SoCs.”

About Movellus Product Portfolio

Movellus uses digital tools and standard cells to create analog IP blocks with better power, performance and area than their custom analog counterparts. Additionally, each IP is process-portable, customizable and DFT enabled. This type of automation enables customers to utilize analog components that are optimized for their design instead of the other way around and meet their aggressive schedules.

About Movellus

Movellus uses digital infrastructure to automatically produce design-optimized, process portable analog blocks that serve both the high-performance cloud computing and the ultra-low power Edge AI markets. Movellus’ customers span cloud computing, AI, edge AI, and FPGA markets.

Movellus is located at 3031 Tisch Way, 110 Plaza West, San Jose, CA 95128. For more information please visit or email