Semiconductor Industry Luminary Fred Weber Joins Movellus as Corporate Advisor

SAN JOSE, CA, August 17, 2020 — Movellus today announced that Fred Weber has joined its Board of Advisors. Mr. Weber will help with Movellus’ mission to deliver architectural innovations, initially in the areas of clock generation and distribution, to the high-performance SoC, processor, and AI markets.

Fred Weber is well-known for his contributions at AMD, where he served as Chief Technical Officer and Corporate Vice President. During his tenure at AMD, Mr. Weber led the development and delivery of the industry’s first x86-compatible 64-bit processors, the Opteron and the Athlon 64. Mr. Weber has also served as a board director at Lattice Semiconductor, MIPS, NetSpeed (now Intel), and SeaMicro; he is currently an advisor to Samsung and Cerebras Systems. Mr. Weber is also on the Steering Committee of Hot Chips – a symposium on high performance chips.

“The current demand in customized data-centric chips combined with the slowdown of Moore’s law has pushed the industry into an architectural renaissance,” said Mr. Weber. “Today’s performance needs require innovation in the entire architecture stack, from transistors to circuits to systems and software. Movellus is playing a critical role in pushing the performance and efficiency of high-performance chips, and I am especially attracted to what they are doing with their Clock Distribution Network solutions.”

“We’re honored to have Fred Weber, a semiconductor industry luminary, join us as an advisor,” said Mo Faisal, President & CEO of Movellus. “Fred’s track record in strategic and technical leadership in high performance processors will be a valuable asset as we continue to grow our market penetration and deliver disruptive architectural innovations to high performance SoC, processor, and AI markets.”

About Movellus

Movellus delivers chip-level architectural innovations to its customers in cloud computing, AI, aerospace, Edge/IoT, and other markets. Movellus’ Clock Distribution Networks are based on its Application-Optimized™ IP technology, including PLLs and DLLs. Movellus is located at 3031 Tisch Way, 110 Plaza West, San Jose, CA 95128. For more information please visit or email