SAN JOSE, CA, October 6, 2020 — Movellus announced today that Everactive has adopted Movellus’ ultra-low power clocking solution for its batteryless Machine Health Monitoring (MHM) IoT product. Everactive’s core SoC is clocked by Movellus ultra low power PLL.

Everactive MHM’s core SoC is clocked by Movellus’ 700-nanowatt phase-locked loop (PLL) IP. Everactive is also using Movellus PLLs in multiple next generations of their SoCs.

“Movellus’ clocking solution had the smallest area for the frequency and process combination – no other vendor came close,” said Dr. Nathan Roberts, Vice President of Engineering at Everactive. “Their unique synthesizable technology enabled them to deliver a clocking solution that runs near threshold and eliminates the additional complexity for special power supplies that is typical for traditional analog approaches.”

“Everactive is the technology leader in low power, energy harvesting, IIoT silicon,” said Mo Faisal, President and CEO of Movellus. “Their MHM is paving the way for unprecedented insights into industrial maintenance, and we’re glad to have contributed to their success.”

About Movellus’ Product Portfolio

Movellus’ Application-Optimized™ PLLs, DLLs, and Intelligent Clock Distribution Networks enhance high performance SoCs – optimizing the power, performance, and area of the entire SoC by at least 10%. Movellus products include core application-optimized IP and advanced architectures. They seamlessly integrate into SoCs and leverage existing synthesis, P&R, static timing analysis, and DFT methodologies.

About Movellus

Movellus delivers chip-level architectural innovations to its customers in cloud computing, AI, aerospace, Edge/IoT, and other markets. Movellus’ Clock Distribution Networks are based on its Application-OptimizedTM IP technology, including PLLs and DLLs. Movellus is located at 3031 Tisch Way, 110 Plaza West, San Jose, CA 95128. For more information please visit or email