San Jose, CA, December 12, 2018 – Movellus, Inc., today announced it has closed a second round of funding from Intel Capital.  The company’s technology automatically generates analog IPs using digital implementation tools and standard cells. Movellus will use the funds to expand its customer base and to increase its portfolio of PLLs, DLLs and LDOs for use in semiconductor and system designs at advanced process nodes.

“We appreciate Intel’s continuing belief and investment in Movellus’ efforts, as we shift custom analog IP design to automated digital implementation,” said Mo Faisal, President and CEO of Movellus. “Our collaboration with Intel Capital over the last couple of years has already accelerated our results in refining our unique technology and expanding our portfolio of silicon-proven IPs.”

By automatically implementing traditionally custom analog IP using digital tools and standard cells, Movellus is able to deliver the same performance results with lower power consumption and a smaller footprint. Additionally, the generated IP is process-portable, customizable, and can be delivered faster to meet aggressive schedules.

“Digital design tools have provided years of improved productivity for SOC designers. Movellus takes advantage of those advances by using digital tools to automate analog design,” said Wendell Brooks, Senior Vice President of Intel Corporation and President of Intel Capital. “We want to see the future of analog design go digital.”

About Movellus

Movellus develops traditionally analog IPs using proprietary generators which use industry standard digital tools and standard cell libraries. These IPs are optimized per design, process portable and silicon verified.

Movellus’ customers include semiconductor and systems companies in the artificial intelligence, networking, and FPGA segments. Movellus is located at 3031 Tisch Way, 110 Plaza West, San Jose, CA 95128. For more information please visit or email

About Intel Capital

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