Movellus LDOs – Coming in 2020

Movellus LDOs

Movellus’ all-digital LDOs offer critical flexibility for large SoCs with a variety of voltage domains.

Our proprietary LDO architecture is clocked and eliminates the need for bandgap voltage references.

Movellus LDOs are architected to be robust against environmental and process variations while occupying the least amount of silicon area.

Low Voltage Operation

Movellus LDOs can sit under the digital core supply to protect selected blocks from noise on a large SoC.

Quick Customization

Movellus LDO generators allow customization of the LDOs in a matter of days.

Configuration & Control

Completely digital implementation allows us to completely integrate the control & configuration of the LDO into the larger scale SoC bus, such as AMBA.

Process Portable

Movellus LDOs are process portable across fabrication technologies.

Wide Load Range

Our LDO IP blocks can support a very wide current range – making them some of the most versatile on the market.