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Movellus DLL Generator

Movellus DLL generators can generate DLLs  for a variety of applications ranging from zero delay buffers to DDRs. Movellus generators plug right into our customers’ existing digital synthesis and place-and-route flows – requiring no additional training overhead.

Unlike other digital DLLs, Movellus’ digital DLLs offer ultra fine delay control mitigating the quantization noise. Movellus DLLs are architected to be robust against environmental and process variations while occupying the least amount of Si area. Our DLLs are constructed with just 10,000 gates independent of the process technology while meeting a wide range of specifications. This DLL architecture has been verified in silicon.

Low Voltage Operation

Movellus DLLs can work under low voltage supplies, and do not require specialized analog voltages.

Quick Customization

Movellus DLLs can be customized in a matter of hours to meet different frequency/delay specifications.

Configuration & Control

Our DLLs can be programmed through a parallel bus or a serial bus (e.g. AMBA). Lock status bit available.

Process Portable

Movellus DLLs are portable across any process node which eliminates significant redesign, and integration overhead.